Multiple Platform Choices

Access your account information, order status, option chains,
interactive charts and most updated market news via our web-based
platform or mobile devices anywhere, anytime.

Simple Account Opening Process

What you need to do is to fill out the online application form and
upload your photo identification. It only takes a few minutes to open
an account.

Wide Selection of Products

The U.S market offers a variety of investment products including
stocks, options and ETFs. The variety provides traders and investors
the flexibility to select the products of their choosing based on their
financial needs.

Account Protection

SIPC provides coverage up to $500,000, of which a maximum of
$250,000 applies to cash credit balances. Our clearing firm has
purchased an additional insurance policy which provides protection for
securities and cash up to an aggregate limit of $150 million.



An ACH established an electronic relationship between your bank account and your Eddid USA account. Once you link your bank account with Eddid USA, you will be able to move funds to and from your trading account. You can link your bank account and make a deposit through our desktop platform or mobile app.

The first step: Establish an ACH relationship in ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT

  • Log in to Account Management: Click "Funding">"Choose bank" >"Add a new one"
  • Fill in the bank account information and press "Create"
  • Wait until two micro-deposit appear in your bank account. It can take up to 2-3 business days.
  • After you receive the two micro-deposit in your bank account, go back to Account Management > "Funding" > "Choose bank", and then press "Approve"
  • Enter the two micro-deposit amounts in the fields provided and press OK

If the amounts are correct, the relationship is then available to use for ACH transfers.

The second step: Deposit by ACH in ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT

  • Log in to Account Management: Click "Funding" > "Deposit"
  • Fill in the deposit amount and press "Submit" (deposit limit: $50,000/day)

The fund will be available for trading once the fund has been deposited via ACH into your Eddid USA account by our clearing firm.

Alternatively, you can deposit into your account by ACH using Eddid Trader Pro or Eddid Trader Mobile.

Deposit by ACH in Eddid Trader Pro

  • Add "Deposits/Withdrawals" widget > Click "Funds Transfer" > "ACH Transfer"
  • Choose "ACH Deposit", fill in the deposit amount and from which bank (deposit limit: $50,000/day)
  • Press "Submit"

Deposit by ACH in Eddid Trader Mobile

  • Choose "Account" > "Deposit / Withdraw Funds" > "Deposit"
  • Fill in the deposit amount and press "submit" (deposit limit: $50,000/day)